I use the ages old casting process known as "Lost Wax". Each sculpture is originally made in clay. Once the clay figure is complete, a rubber mold is made around the clay figure to capture every detail of the work. The rubber mold is removed from the clay figure and used to recreate the original clay figure in wax. The wax duplicate is then "chased", seems, lines and imperfections repaired. Wax rods or "gaits" are attached to the wax figure and are united at a central "spru cup". A ceramic shell mold is made around the gated wax figure and placed in a burn out furnace of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit to melt out all the wax. Two thousand degree molten bronze is then poured into the ceramic shell mold to recreate every detail of the wax model. Once the bronze has cooled sufficiently, the shell mold is broken off to reveal the casting. The gaits are cut off and any defects in the casting repaired. It is then cleaned and acid patina applied to give the sculpture color. Wax is applied for protection and highlight, then mounted on an appropriate base. Each reproduction of a figure must be reproduced in wax from the original rubber mold that was made from the original clay figure. This makes each bronze reproduction unique and of itself.


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